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A First-class resort, Just about 200 meters from Olkiombo airstrip in Masai Mara national reserve, Kenya. Set on the banks of Olare orok river passing through elevated plains sets up a beautiful view of Savannah along with wilderness from our camp. Situated just 200 meters away from Olkiambo airstrip in Masai Mara national reserve Kenya.

Set on the banks of Olare orok river passing through elevated plains sets up a beautiful view of a river from our camp. We serve several Ambrosial cuisines for our guests as per prior requests (Ranging from Indian, continental, Mediterranean, Oriental and American cuisines upon guest’s prior request before arrival at our camp)


Ensuite executive safari tents

Situated on the banks of Olare orok river, with a top notch comfort and Cleanliness spectacular views of the hippo pod from the Patio.

Ensuite bush experience safari tents

Three ensuite bush experience tents with all the mod cons, but not many walls! The spacious decks are perfect for enjoying and overlooking the camp’s beautiful landscapes.


Recommended: Our Exclusive Packages for 5 nights 6 days



❤ Why we love it

  • Overlooking a cool and pleasant hippo pool; frequent hippo visitors in camp.
  • Seasonal sightings of the Great Wildebeest Migration, including river crossings.
  • Exceptional year-round wildlife.
  • Huge prides of lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, buffalo, rhino, big hippo population, wildebeest and elephant herds.
  • Witness the wild beast migration.
  • Area of 5 brothers cheetah in Kenya to see five brother cheetahs.

🥘 Food

  1. Breakfast
  2. Lunch
  3. Dinner

(NOTE: Any world class cuisine according to the guest’s preference can be prepared for our guests)

⛺ What sets us apart

  • Overlooking a cool and pleasant hippo pool; frequent hippo visitors in camp.
  • Seasonal sightings of the Great Wildebeest Migration, including river crossings.
  • Huge prides of lion, leopard, cheetah, large hyena population, buffalo and elephant herds.
  • The tropical migration of animals.
  • Some of the largest crocodiles in the Olare orokRiver.
  • Exceptional birdlife, with several endemic species.

🛩️ Access

  • A number of airlines offer daily scheduled flights from Nairobi to Olkiombo Airstrip, followed by a five to ten-minute drive to the camp.

👮 Safety

  • We ensure safety around the camp with people friendly Masai mara guards.

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Excellent camp to stay in Mara Perfect location to where the big cats living, the manager and staffs are very friendly, the environment is so natural, the food is fantastic. I enjoyed a lot. Without their support, I couldn't complete my live streaming in Mara.
Wonderful hospitality and amazing stay We visited Masai Mara on Christmas for two nights and had the most amazing time. Though away from home we found a home there. We were welcomed with smiling faces, folk song and masai dance. Food was delicious. Both Indian and continental had perfect flavors. The masai guys were so adorable. Service was amazing. Camp was very comfortable and had all the luxuries. We felt something soft and warm under the blanket which surprisingly was hot water bag ? to keep us warm at night. Thank you Mr. Arun and team for planning our trip. The Bush breakfast, Game drive, evening bonfire and tea admist the wild was just more than perfect. Thank you for this memorable experience.
Warm, Inviting and Attentive For our girls trip to the Maasai Mara, we chose Lorian camp because of it’s location inside the park. Every morning we had a very short drive out the trees to easily see the sunrise with the elephants. Upon return, we were always warmly greeted by the staff. The food- delicious!! I am vegetarian/pescatarian and they were able to accommodate my wishes. The accommodations-comfortable, luxurious “glamping” with hot water! The photos on the website accurately reflect the rooms in person. I had the room with the desk and I appreciated it for my daily journaling. We stayed there for 10 days and I would definitely come back, even as a solo traveler. The entire staff deserves 5 stars, but I would like to give a special thanks to Arun for the management of the camp and logistics he handled for us, Justin (best server), Amos (best singer), Simon (best smile/comedian), Simat, Mercy, Amos 2 and Wilfred. Well done, purely done!
Highly recommended for hospitality and vantage point. Lorian Safari Camp - Ideal for every traveller persona - whether you are an avid nature lover who wants to be in the midst of wilderness or a photographer with need for a vantage location or simply a family who needs to experience African bushes, look no further. This camp is complete with everything you need to be taken care of. Within 10 minutes of the Olkimobo airstrip, Lorian boasts of superior accommodation and very courteous staff who leave no stone unturned to keep your stay comfortable. A very big edge this camp has is when it comes to food - they truly believe in catering to your real needs. Asian and Continental cuisines are prepared to authenticity and will ensure you can feel at home. I have made 2 visits to this camp and my guests always vouch for its hospitality. At Lorian you are rest assured to have the hospitable Arun and his staff plan your stay and needs, while you focus on the game drive and the richness of Africa that you have come to explore. I strongly recommend every traveller to enquire and book with Lorian.
A wonderful accommodation for photographic safaris Just spent five nights at this wonderful safari camp. As a returning visitor, I have really grown fond of this place. Outstanding location nicely in the centre of everything in the Maasai Mara comes together with beautiful accommodations and a very friendly staff. Food in this camp must be one of the best of all the camps I have visited in the Mara. Sure to come again, and warmly recommending the place for all visitors. Be prepared though, you will go home heavier as the food is so good and the portions quite large.
Had a great time at the Lorian Safari Camp The camp and stay was very comfortable. Great hospitality and food. The travel arrangements and game drives were very nice. The tent was very spacious, very clean and safe. Overall had a great experience with Lorian Safari Camp.
AMAZING Lorian Safari Camp!! The Mara is my heart place and I have traveled solo and stayed at various camps throughout my past 8 years of safaris. Lorian Safari Camp exceeded my expectations and set a new high for all future visits to the Mara. It is not just one thing that separates it from many other camps, but it is the whole experience that Co-owner Arun creates for every guest. A professional and welcoming staff ensures your needs and requests are always taken care of. The quality bedding, comfortable beds and well-appointmented tents with on demand, hot showers are inviting after safari drives. Meal and dietary requests are carefully managed with good and plentiful food. The boxed meals for game drives are the best I have experienced as you choose the items you wish to eat. The camp location is set in a lovely wooded area on the banks of the Olare Orok River. Animals can be seen and heard nearby. As an avid photographer, Lorian Safari Camp’s central location allows for game drives across many diverse locations. I came as a guest, left as family, and I am now planning my return. Choose Lorian Safari Camp for your first or next Mara Safari. I personally want to thank my guide Sayialel Jackson for this wonderful recommendation and for another magical time in the Mara.
A sister's trip to a magical hidden Haven. Lorian Safari Camp is an extremely beautiful low key camp hidden in the thicket of a lively forest. the camp sits in a totally different world from the savannah plains in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. A beautiful and warm welcome awaited us right at the entrance by a team of adorned local maasai men singing and dancing to the beautiful Maa music. Arun the camp manager was as well in tune with his camera. Being a private camp e experienced a cool ,quiet and very scenic environment . We enjoyed an intimate lunch once we settled in overlooking a croc infested Olare Orok river. A few of us were able to spot a crocodile for the very first time. quite aremarkable experience. The nights we spend there were truly therapeutic, coupled with starry skies,beautiful chants and dances for the resident maasai around a bonfire with never ending stories sipping on some good wine. The tented camps were extremely comforting , super spacious, warmed up with beautiful cotton linens and a hot water bottle for the cold nights. with a full tummy and a warmed up bed, we were still kept awake by night life. A family of elephants passed through the camp stopping for dinner right next to our tents. hippos at the river were as well singing songs,hyenas calling out for one another on a scavenging hunt . A leopard too was one of creepers at the camp on our first night. giving us such an amazing out in the wild experience. all walks around the camp passed 6;30 pm were guided by a local Maasai. You never know what could be walking right behind you. One beautiful morning, we enjoyed a walking safari deeper into the forest ,sighting different bird species,elephant poop( starting right in front of our tent lol) and lots of hippos at the Olare Orok river. this is something i can wake up to. Not far away from the camp is a family of elephants we excitedly spent quite some time on the afternoon game drives watching their movements, feeding patterns and exciting mad baths for the little ones. A huge pride of lions not so far way from the camp kept us entertained as well as they enjoyed the vastness of this landscape. The camp really outdid themselves on the meals. we really enjoyed yummy three course meals while at the camp and an outstanding full bush breakfast on one of the early morning game drives. On our last day, it was hard to say goodbye , We had established such an amazing relationship with the team at Lorian Safari Camp. The entire staff were sad too but their hearts were warmed up to the assurance of future visits. They surprisingly treated us to some great dancing and such a heart warming send off celebration with the entire team. Our hearts and stomachs were full during this beautiful trip. We really enjoyed a gracious stay at the Lorian Safari camp. I still hear and feel the stillness in my mind. I cant wait to visit again soon.
Andrew M
Andrew M
Magical Kenya Beautiful campsite in the Bush of the Maasai Mara, accommodation is amazing and service is great. I have to appreciate the great work from Simat one of the escorts, very nice and friendly guy, always with a smile on his face, that will inevitably lave you with a smile on yours. Simply Amazing.
Irene M
Irene M
Very Very Friendly services and proffessional Stayed 3 days and 2 nights. Quite lovely and big enough for small intimate groups. Very good and friendly service. Also a very complete luxury camp in the bush! Trees and natural surroundings all around. The camp is set-up within the trees. The staff are very friendly and fun to be around with their stories and entertainment around the camp fire, which is definitely a bonus for the residents. Rooms are clean and very spacious and very comfortable. Best surprise is to find a hot water bottle in the bed on the first night. Totally unexpected, but very very cool! The packed bush breakfast during our morning safari was just perfect! Could improve on; 1) The menu. Food is good, very very tasty, but it's a set menu. Maybe they can offer options ahead of time to select from? 2) The bush breakfast that was packed was lovely, but no seats to accompany it :-). Maybe stock up on some bush seats (those small ones) for guests to carry in their tour cars? All the same it was a very enjoyable stay, and recommended. I can go back! Asante sana.


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